We assess compliance with your processes, your quality standards and the performance of your sales staff using our three tools

Mystery visit

We evaluate the quality of service offered by the teams in your points of sale at any given moment thanks to our mystery customers.This allows us to establish a barometer of the quality of service in your outlets by measuring Customer Service and Customer Experience with an objective and external eye.They are a real tool for positive management and the development of your teams.

e-mail Mystery

After sending emails / mystery leads, we evaluate the quality of the answers provided by your teams to the customers, both in terms of form and content.The Mystery Shopper checks the reactivity and quality of your staff’s responses.Screenshots of the requests and responses are provided for factual elements to be used during debriefings of the results with your teams.

Mystery Call

This is the first contact with the customer, the first impression, so it is essential to optimise customer relations on the telephone.We use experienced telephone interviewers to evaluate the quality of reception at your head office and its various departments, at your points of sale, at your in-house call centre or at your outsourced call centre.Telephone conversations can be recorded as part of a quality approach.

mystery shoppers for all your activities

Mystery Fashion Customer

Quality of service, shelving and aesthetic advice now make the difference between your company and your competitors.

Client Mystery restaurant and hotel

Whether it's a fast food restaurant or a gourmet restaurant, a grill or a bistro, Qualisens' Mystery clients analyse the quality of service in detail according to the different levels of expectation in the restaurant. The same service is also deployed in hotels.

Customer Mystery Luxury

In the world of luxury, quality of service is the most important expectation of your customers. QUALISENS works on mystery shopping in the world of high-end ready-to-wear, jewellery and watches.

Mystery customer car dealership

Clothes don't make the man! This is especially true in the automotive world. Gone are the days when we could judge the customer by his appearance. This is sometimes the opportunity to sell a top-of-the-range vehicle!

Mystery customer service

The service sector is certainly one of the most competitive. Qualisens makes the difference with your competitors on the quality of the customer journey to deploy a quality approach and review your brand identity.

Miscellaneous Mystery Customer

Whatever your sector of activity (hotels, financial services or even leisure businesses), the quality of your welcome and service will always make the difference between you and your competitors.

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