Customised programmes

Diagnosis of your needs: Together we assess the expectations of your network: offering a better quality of service, optimising your performance, improving your brand image, developing your turnover, increasing your average basket… You benefit from a quality consultant dedicated to your project and specialised in your sector.Creation of your personalised programme: we calibrate the programme to your business, your needs and your budget. It can take the form of Mystery Shopping, Audits or Market Research.

A confirmed field team

Our operations team provides a personalised follow-up for each interviewer and a quality control service through internal reviews.The interviewers have very different profiles that can correspond to all types of sectors of activity. All future interviewers must pass a recruitment test to check their observation skills, their ability to understand and write comments and their motivation. Our interviewers systematically reside in the catchment area of your sales outlets.We value their status by offering them fixed-term contracts for each assignment. Qualisens maintains a relationship of trust and proximity with its interviewers.

An analysis of your results via our Webreporting

Our Webreporting allows you to consult your results online in complete security, with access rights for each user, with multi-dimensional sorting: your analyses can be modified according to the region, your sales outlet, etc.Formatted reports and summaries containing all the data collected (open and closed questions).Macro analyses after each wave in order to analyse the strong points and areas for improvement in your network, to highlight best practices and to assist you in implementing corrective actions.

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