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Mystery shopping

After specifying the goals and evaluation grid together, we carry out a selection among our 8,500 mystery shoppers corresponding to your customer base.
Our mystery shoppers are trained from specific guidelines listing all your expectations. This comprehensive document contains information on the scenario and the main rules to be followed for a good mystery shopping process. We also carry out fieldwork coaching.
The mystery shopper then goes to the store for the mystery visit. Then the mystery shopper enters information on an online form allowing us to edit the report.Access codes to the platform are then given to you, allowing you to access individual responses related to each mystery visit.
We can add to the reports any documents you may consider useful (pictures, quotation, business card, follow-up e-mails…). We can also make the needed consolidations (by region, area, …)

The aim of mystery shopping is to enable you, after analyzing your reports, to set up positive and specific management tools.

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