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Mystery shoppers

Example of results

Mystery shopping

At a specific time, customer service is evaluated by mystery shoppers (welcome, advice, corporate standards compliance)

Mystery call

At a specific time, phone surveyors evaluate customer service quality given by stores by calling them (quality of the answer, attention of the responder, answers). Calls can be recorded

Mystery email

After sending mystery emails, we evaluate the quality of the answers given to the customers (response time, grammar, quality of the answer, contact information…)

Satisfaction survey

Surveys on customer satisfaction and their expectations: face to face, call or e-mail questionnaires

Conformity audit

Evaluation of the stores: procedure compliance, conformity, displays, etc. using detailed evaluation grids and visuals designed together

Market Research

We study the characteristics of your market and its potential


Know your market position compared to your competitors: we establish benchmark studies as well as market studies helping you assess your strategic position

Brand awareness/image study

We study the knowledge and / or the image your customers and prospects have of your brand

Loss prevention audit

In-store control: stock, till transactions, bank deposits, personnel paperwork, shoplifting/loss, etc.

Price check

Price check


Careful watch of the activity of a store during a short period of time in order to obtain a thorough activity report

Touch terminal

Setting up touch terminals in your shop in order to get quick data information enabling to immediately assess customer satisfaction.

QR code

Evaluating customer service through questionnaires accessible through QR codes (installed on POS advertising, receipts, etc.)


Positivisme&Partage conçoit pour vos équipes, vos plans de formation sur mesure + logo of P&P

Example of results

Assessing your needs

We evaluate together the expectations of your network: offering a better quality of service, optimizing your performances, improving your brand image, developing your turnover, increase your average cart ...

Creating your personal program

After an exhaustive assessment, we will propose a program focused on your needs(mystery visits, mystery calls, compliance audits ...)After a "targeted" selection of shoppers matching your typical clientele and creation of a detailed brief, we will follow your inquiries individually.

Analyzing your results

Your results are delivered to you through the personalized environment we put at your disposal: - individual report for each visit containing the verbatim from our shoppers - provision of scans of collected documents (brochure, business cards, quote ...) - summary by region and for the entire network.

Leading your network

Positivisme et Partage (Positivism and Sharing) develops with you training sessions, tailor-made coaching .. Taking account of the problems identified following your studies ( mystery visits, mystery calls .. ) We favor a global offer.
Example of results

We have developed our own software, Qualisystem®, which manages our database of 11,500 shoppers. This database is constantly evolving and allows us to meet all the needs of our partner customers. In order to be able to join our team of shoppers, we ask the candidates, during an online registration process, to carry out comprehension, observation and writing tests. Based on their results, we register them in Qualisystem®.

Qualisystem® allows us to select the shoppers corresponding to the desired customer profile (age, gender, SPC, etc.). We carry out for each point of sale a search by geolocation. The shoppers sent to the field are locals. Qualisystem® allows to view the history of visits realized for each shopper and point of sale.

For each mission carried out, we attribute to our shoppers a grade out of 10, determined as follows:

Return time for documents

Relevance / Quality of the verbatim

Compliance with the scenario

Grammar / Spelling

The grading system allows us to optimize our database of shoppers and thus benefit our client partners.

For each mission, all our shoppers are salaried and contractually linked to our company.

We demand from our shoppers carrying out the missions a strict compliance with the set up scenarios and deadlines. We also ask our shoppers for a quality verbatim, relevant remarks that will be useful to the management of the sales teams of our partner clients.